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Better Grounds for Brunswick City

by hmcgiddy

Amplifying our voices to say
‘Lift Your Game Moreland Council’.

Dunstan Reserve grounds forced closed by Moreland Council.

After years of neglect, we are calling on Moreland Council to lift its’ game.

Our Club is a vital, inclusive and growing part of our community. We deserve grounds and facilities that are safe, accessible, and sustainable. A Club Statement by Peter Kyriopoulos, Brunswick City SC Club President will be released soon.

The Council has failed in its maintenance, its budgeting and planning, and ultimately in its treatment of the Brunswick City soccer community. The Club needs to move forward to have Moreland Council address the issues at hand at Dunstan Reserve.

Our voice will make the difference. Shortly we will provide resources for our members to:

  • Email Moreland Councillors
  • Share poor grounds stories
  • Sign a petition

We see the following key solutions:

  1. Making CB Smith Reserve available for Seniors and U21 games starting next season to reduce the burden on Dunstan Reserve and allow us to schedule more Senior Women’s matches on the North pitch so they’re treated equally.
  2. Allocating long-term funding to upgrade North & South pitches. Future funding must be equitable: when other facilities receive more than $18 million to update grandstands, Brunswick City lacks a safe playing field.
  3. Implementing common-sense restrictions for usage of the South Pitch, with signs explaining the rules to preserve grounds and offer alternative public spaces.
  4. Installing gates at the North Pitch so access can be reasonably restricted to maintain the 15 hours use per week required to protect the surface.
  5. Moreland Council must commit to the development of a Master Plan for Brunswick City SC.
Poor ground conditions have seen significant reporting of player injuries.
200+ training sessions and games cancelled or relocated due to Council directives
or Brunswick City ground inspections deeming conditions unsafe for play.

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